About Sneakerfiles

Sneaker Files is an online magazine specializing in Sneaker News since 2006. The creation of SF started with the passion for sneakers and sharing our knowledge throughout the years of collecting. We also noticed in the mid-2000s that there was a lack of sneaker resources online. This is where we dedicated hours to compile a rich history of sneakers. With our various brand contacts and relationships, we provide the most accurate information on upcoming releases. Our mission is to provide accurate and credible news.

Founded by Brian Betschart out of Sacramento, California. At the time, message boards were the key destination to receive news. However, this would leave readers searching for upcoming sneakers for countless hours. Filling a void, we created Sneaker Files, so the latest information was shown right away. We have also broken everything down into categories and tags for easier research.

Sneaker Files has been featured in magazines including Slam and Dime, and online publications including Yahoo, MSN, Bleacher Report, Forbes, and more.

Our social media platforms have amassed over 1 Million followers, with the highlight centered around our YouTube channel. Currently sitting at 138,000 Subscribers, we started the channel in 2011. Publishing sneaker reviews, events, and interviews, in 2015, we decided to bring sneaker news to the channel. With multiple uploads a week, YouTube is an extension of the website that allows us to connect with like-minded individuals and serve the latest news to those that rather listen than reading. This has also expanded our credibility while being able to break news onto another platform.